“BOE” is Alie’s first label, founded in 2006 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is the convergence of New York pride and creativity. The intention behind these wines is to bring New Yorkers what is in their own backyard: the best of the state’s grape growing regions within bottles showcasing pieces by local Brooklyn artists on its labels.



celebrating New York State's agricultural splendor + creative communities through 5 series of thoughtful, handcrafted wines.


VINette (“little wine”) is Alie and Robin’s first wine collaboration and was born out of a desire for a portable, easy-drinking spritz without added sugar or typical flavors. This whimsical line of sparkling, dry canned spritzers are made with grapes from the North Fork, naturally flavored with fruits + botanicals and at 6% ABV, make the beach-day sipper or dinner party aperitif.

Robin’s label was founded in 2014 after many harvests spent far-flung in Tasmania, New Zealand, and Australia. Saltbird Cellars pays homage to her roots in the North Fork and love for the sea; it is a celebration of coastal terroir and influenced by the winemaking styles of her Oceanic wanderings.


Focused and thought provoking, Alie founded this deeply personal series of premium wines when she relocated from Brooklyn to the North Fork in 2016. As If realizes the highest potential of North Fork fruit, and is a meditation of life’s possibilities.


Haywater Cove is a real place, a little sanctuary where three creeks meet at the mouth of a harbor in Peconic Bay and the winds of the Atlantic slow to a gentle breeze. Alie’s easy-drinking, non-vintage series is inspired by those hazy days by the sea, and is a love letter to the North Fork.


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Robin and Alie out in the vines.

Robin and Alie out in the vines.

[^^ swap in harvest photo] Chronicle Wines is a “negociant”, sourcing the highest quality fruit from local growers who are looking towards the future of our planet and nurture our agricultural ecosystem. We make our wines at our community winery, Premium Wine Group, right by our tasting room and our partner vineyards, and are fiercely committed to transparent production. We are passionate about the craftsmanship behind winemaking — our wines are intentional, boutique, and carefully made. While we take our winemaking seriously, we have fun in the process and believe wine should be approachable and lighthearted. At our core, we make we want to drink and share with our friends, community, and the world!